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The influence of Teens Involved on one man's life

James MacDonald

For Dr. James MacDonald of Walk in the Word ministries, Teens Involved was the tool God used to introduce him to preaching His Word. Years later, Pastor James has written many widely read books, preached all across the country, and been heard on radio stations around the nation.

Listen to Pastor James talk about his experience with Teens Involved below.

If the in-browser player does not work for you, you can download the audio file here. 

The Purpose of Teens Involved

Teens Involved is Word of Life's program designed to help teens identify and use their gifts and abilities for God's glory. Since God has given every believer gifts, talents, and abilities to serve Him for His glory, we need to lead, help, and encourage youth to find an use them for this purpose.

The goal is to encourage and help Christian teenagers gain experience in presenting thei gifts and abilities to God for His honor, glory, and service. Students may choose from 21 categories of involvent for either Senior High or Junior High. Most students are involved in three or four.

The Philosophy of Teens Involved

Scripture is clear that we are saved to serve. God, in His grace, has given each of us gifts to use in the building up of the church. Service for God is simply allowing God to work through us to minister to others. The clear principles of Scripture lead us to our Philosophy Statement for Teens Involved.


"I believe it is the responsibility of every generation to reach their generation for Christ" - Jack Wyrtzen